Small Projects: preferably on Mallorca

Mallorca is and remains one of the most popular vacation destinations for Germans. Every year, numerous travelers spend the best weeks of their year on the Balearic island.

But it does not always have to be a stay in a fancy hotel. Your own four walls are, at a minimum, equally relaxing and comfortable. For many years, we have specialized in the implementation of small building projects in Spain. Mallorca takes center stage as the easygoing Spanish lifestyle and the warmth of the southern sun seem to be in perfect unison here.

Our experienced architects make their contribution so that our customers can be comfortable year round.

An island for the most beautiful dream homes

The Balearic island of Mallorca has become something like a second home for the rich and beautiful. The island offers many pretty locales where you can fully enjoy the southern European lifestyle. If you follow the news, there are frequent reports of famous people buying a typical Spanish estate. Every now and then, you can even get a glimpse of the interior when reporters publish their photos. These rare images already show that Mallorca is the place where one-of-a-kind living spaces can be realized. However, if you think that only those with a fat wallet can dream of home ownership on Mallorca, you are misinformed. Beautiful, smaller condominiums and houses can also be purchased for more manageable sums. Our experts specialize in making personal dreams a reality. They have an extensive network of local resources and stay in constant contact with local authorities.
A beautiful, smaller property on Mallorca does not have to be overly expensive. Our specialists on the Balearic island carefully watch the local market and are always current on recent developments. They specialize in the implementation of smaller construction projects and make dream properties a reality in short order. A smaller property has its own special charm. Individual tastes and preferences are expertly implemented in a manageable living area. A single family house on Mallorca thus becomes a residence in which you not only want to spend the best weeks of the year, but also want to come back to again and again.

Specializing in smaller projects

Our construction managers in Mallorca are renowned experts for smaller building projects. What we are referring to are classic single family homes as we know them in Germany. Day by day, working with a manageable living area of a one or two story building, our architects implement exciting ideas of proud German buyers who wish to create their perfectly individualized space. These experts focus on single family homes that can accommodate small or larger families. All projects have their individual charm, as the personal wishes of the owners are largely incorporated. Maintaining a Spanish or southern European style, many buildings are reflect a Mediterranean way of life. Floor tiles are light brown; living room furniture are made of solid wood; and bathrooms radiate bright colors. This is generally the look of a typical property in the style of the Balearic Islands, but there are no limits to the owner’s imagination. Our architects design your dream home on Mallorca; our construction managers make your dream a reality on site. All properties feature the latest in technology. You will find modern heating systems as well as sophisticated security concepts for doors and windows. Even though it may seem unnecessary in a place that is warm year round, we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible. This is based on imagination and creativity on the one hand, and diligence and precision on the other. Together with our customers, we first develop a draft of your dream property that meets even the highest specifications. The final plan will then be implemented by experienced construction managers with the highest degree of precision. The result is a small single family house on Mallorca that is a beloved home in the sunny South year round.

Other locations you can choose

As beautiful as the Balearic island of Mallorca is, Spain has many other unique spots to offer. We will be happy to complete smaller projects in other locations of the Iberian peninsula. On the islands as well as the mainland, we have several projects to choose from so that you can make your dream of a home in Spain a reality. When assembling our portfolio, we make sure that we can offer a property for every budget. Smaller properties are especially designed for those who wish to own a home in southern Europe without having to enter into a lot of debt. Contact our local experts and find out which properties on the islands or the mainland may be right for you. Enjoy the anticipation and start imagining what your dream house will look like. Our experts will do their utmost to bring these dreams to life quickly.

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