Renovation: from old to new

You have been living in your home for many years and are completely comfortable. The environment is just right, and the infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired. You are well known locally, and your family and friends live nearby.

There is really no reason to leave these familiar surroundings. However, your property is now a little dated.

When it is time to renovate or modernize your single family home, we are the partner who will stand by your side.

An investment to retain value

Real estate is the investment of a lifetime. It is not uncommon that a single family home transfers from one generation to the next. Some older homes have been owned by several generations of a family and are repeatedly inherited and gifted. It is important to maintain and take care of such a treasure. From time to time, extensive restoration and renovation become necessary. It makes sense to renovate a home every few years and to bring it up to date with the latest standards. Such an investment ensures the value of your property. If you maintain the exterior and interior of your home, you automatically increase your home’s resale value. You also avoid deferred maintenance, which would have a very a negative effect on the price in the event of a sale. In terms of value retention, it is therefore highly recommended that you bring your home to the latest standards every few years. Our experienced architects and engineers will be happy to provide assistance in determining which areas require updating, and which measures will contribute most to value retention.

When housing infrastructure becomes dated

One of our specialties is the complete renovation of housing infrastructure. Old heating systems are no longer environmentally friendly and cause excessively high heating costs. We therefore recommend regular maintenance and repair of heating systems to our customers. When, after few years, this is no longer enough, replacing the entire heating system is appropriate. In many cases, it is more efficient to completely replace an older heating unit and install a new one. In this way, you satisfy regulatory requirements for environmental protection and invest in the value of your property. Of course, such a measure is associated with high expenses. However, with the installation of a new heating system, as well as the replacement of windows and doors, or the addition of insulation to the roof and walls, you protect yourself from unnecessarily high heating and energy costs. Through gaps in windows and doors, heat escapes to the outside. At the same time, a draft comes from the outside to the inside. In the winter, the temperature inside the apartment can thus drop quickly. To keep rooms at a comfortable temperature, you are forced to turn up the thermostat. This leads to manifold increases in your heating costs. This problem can be solved quickly and efficiently with expert renovation of the insulation or the replacement of windows and doors. Our trained professionals will be happy to advise you on possible options for the restoration and renovation of your home. Bring your property to the newest level in technology, and look forward to reduced energy costs and the satisfaction of living in an energy-efficient home.

Government subsidies make financing easier

The replacement of old heating systems, windows and doors, or the timely renovation of a house are part of the value-retaining measures that are due for any property at some point in time. However, this type of restoration work is significant not just for the property owner. The government is also interested in making older properties more energy efficient or bringing them to a more modern standard. For this reason, attractive financing offers are available for many modernization projects. Our expert staff will be happy to give you information on different financing options. Such a concept is based on loans with low interest rates and high flexibility and security. All financing options aim to make modernizing your property easier. Contact one of our experts about a customized financing option, and you will be surprised how cost effectively you can turn your existing property into a completely restored and renovated product. For new construction in general, there is neither the need nor requirement for consultation with our specialists, so that you can enjoy your newly constructed home for years to come.

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