Planning: the foundation of your personal property

Long before breaking ground is celebrated, our architects bring your dreams to life on paper.

Working in close collaboration with you, we develop the first drafts of buildings and floor plans, move walls, and give you options for exterior design. Already in this phase, we concentrate entirely on your personal vision. But our focus is not only on the big picture. Every draft is as intricately designed as possible, because, in the end, the special character of the final product lies in the details.

You can rely on the many years of experience of our planners and architects.

Your inspiration meets our creativity

Once the decision to build your own home or to buy your own condominium has been made, your dreams quickly take flight. You develop a vision of what your dream home will ultimately look like. Perhaps it will have a unique floor plan. Maybe decorative columns grace the entry, or become a decorative eye catcher from the living room. Your luxurious bathroom may be reminiscent of a wellness spa. Perhaps you are dreaming of a functional kitchen that has room for your whole family and features every modern device that makes life easier. Sometimes, a hobby room or a sauna in the basement is the key to happiness. Whatever your visions of our own dream home may be: our architects will make them a reality already in this early phase.

Our collective creativity is brought to bear, so that extraordinary requests can also be incorporated. Thanks to our many years of experience, our architects and drafters know what is possible from the very beginning. If they do reach their limits, they rely on the highest degree of creativity inherent in the practitioners of their art. This creates solutions that can hardly be surpassed in their uniqueness.

You, of course, are an integral part of all topics surrounding planning and design! Step by step, you will see how your ultimate vision in layout becomes a reality. You will see preliminary floor plans that give you an impression of the layout and spaciousness of the rooms. Our architects work with the newest technology. An amazing array of different views and dimensions allows you to experience what your home will look like upon completion.

The three dimensional designs are particularly popular. These provide you with a vivid impression of your future rooms so that we can ensure that we have successfully transformed your dreams into reality. Once your specifications have been integrated into the floor plans and drafts, the next step looms. Our architects will take care of the approval of your building endeavor.

Approval is required before building can start

After planning has been fully completed, there is one last hurdle that must be cleared before ground breaking. To build your dream home, you need a building permit. Our capable staff will generate all necessary documents and submit them to the respective building authorities for approval. To avoid unnecessary delays in this process, our experienced professionals expertly prepare all documentation. We remain in constant contact with the agencies involved. Any follow-up questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Any additional documents requested are provided without delay. Of course, the regulatory approval process does take some time. But we will support you with our collective experience so that a building permit can be granted in the shortest time possible.

Should modifications have to be made to your building in this phase to further satisfy individual regulatory requirements, we will contact you immediately. Together with you, we will discuss how to implement regulatory specifications without compromising your ultimate goals. This results in a building plan that meets regulatory requirements, yet also makes your dreams a reality.

Depending on the workload of the building authorities and the number of follow-up questions, the approval process can require a considerable amount of time. However, because of our constant communication with those responsible and our many contacts that we have cultivated for years, we can ensure timely processing so that the realization of your building project will not encounter any unnecessary delays.

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