Large projects: residential complexes can be luxurious too

When thinking about a hotel or condo building in sunny southern Europe, one of the large vacation destinations that is visited by uncountable travelers from around the world may come to mind.

Designed and built decades ago, these often focused primarily on functionality. Large hotel complexes had to be built on small lots to create supply for the high demand. Today, these complexes will give you a completely new impression.

Our construction experts keep up with current trends and implement large-scale projects such as hotels or condo complexes that reelect the style of our age.

Large-scale real estate complexes are becoming more important

Until a few years ago, when strolling through the popular vacation destinations of Mallorca, you would get the impression that big hotels were no longer desirable. While demand for hotel rooms continued to be high, big resorts were becoming less popular.

It seemed as though Mallorca had passed the zenith as THE vacation island for Germans. But now, things are changing again. The supply of existing houses seems to be exhausted. Demand exceeds supply of existing properties. Therefore, big hotels are once again being built with greater frequency. When walking through the typical towns of the Balearic island, you notice that apartment and condo buildings are also part of the architectural landscape.

Based on the high demand for hotel properties, it can be expected that additional large-sale projects will come into focus in the next few years. Due to the high number of international vacationers on Mallorca, demand for hotel rooms continues to be high, but apartment and condo complexes with residences of various sizes are also sought after.

Capital investment secures asset growth

In addition to traditional hotel complexes, apartment and condo resorts are also part of the architectural landscape. Here, a very special type of clientele can be found. Many German buyers want to build their assets for retirement through condo ownership. They buy a condo here for rental to vacationers or locals.

In Germany, purchasing a rental property – also referred to as a capital investment – is a popular means of building wealth for retirement. If the property is paid for when you are retired, the rental proceeds provide additional income. If you would like to use the apartment or condo yourself, you don’t have to pay rent. In either case, the unencumbered capital investment provides financial flexibility. Mallorca is increasingly becoming a sought-after destination for private capital investors.

Our local representatives are therefore increasingly focused on large-scale projects when construction of apartment complexes or condo buildings comes to the forefront.

Sought-after destination for investors

In the last few years, Mallorca has developed into an interesting destination for both institutional and private investors. It is to be expected that large hotel resorts continue to be attractive to institutional investors while apartment buildings or condo complexes remain attractive to private investors for rental property or owner occupancy. Demand for such investment opportunities should increase dramatically in the future. Our local experts specialize in the implementation of large-scale projects. We have an extensive network of local contacts, and thereby regular access to suitable properties that can be utilized for these types of projects. Additionally, our specialists have the necessary expertise to consistently implement these projects within budget and in a timely manner. All projects feature luxury amenities so that you are as comfortable as a renter or owner occupant as you would be as a hotel guest. All properties have the latest in technology. Modern heating systems and a capable home infrastructure guarantee all occupants an exceptional standard of living and a high level of comfort and coziness. Because we use only high-grade insulation materials, heating costs remain manageable even during winter. Using renewable energy is also a heartfelt desire for us in all large projects. Contact our sales representatives and get excited about our current large-scale projects. Our portfolio should contain something for every taste and budget, whether your goal is a big capital investment or purchasing a property for personal income in retirement.

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