Interior architecture: the heart of any property

In general, daily life takes place in the interior of a property. Interior design is therefore of significant importance.

Our architects design floor plans and interior spaces so that our customers can quickly get an impression of what their future dream home will look like. Only with wall and floor coverings, kitchen and bath furnishings, and decorative accessories does a home come to life.

It is the responsibility of our interior designers to make the dreams of our customers a reality in every single room.

Interior design should be handled by experts

Bringing your dream rooms to life requires the expertise of a specialist. With their capable hands and eye for design, you can rely on interior plans in which nothing is left to chance and even the smallest detail is considered. This is why, in our projects, we count on experts who have been practicing their craft for many years. This creates living spaces in which wall and floor coverings are optimally paired with one another. The color of the carpet is reflected in the lighting. The style of the furniture produces an altogether consistent and harmonious image. But perhaps you would like to introduce an interesting contrast or exciting breach in style. Our specialists in interior design can magically produce surprising effects in even the smallest of spaces by using the interplay of color and light from natural and artificial sources. Materials are expertly applied. Furniture, of course, also play an important role. Step by step, they plan the interior design of small and large spaces to a degree of perfection that is unimaginable for the layman. Throughout this process, the focus remains on the personal needs and taste of the customer. We want our customers to feel comfortable in their new homes for years to come. Our specialists therefore discuss every step with our clients in great detail. This applies to the planning phase of interior design as well as the subsequent implementation. Our customers can rely on the expertise of our interior designers and construction managers – every property is turned into a jewel. Compliance with German standards in quality is a matter of course during planning and interior design. In terms of guarantees and warranties, our customers can also count on the norms granted to them by German law.

In the kitchen and bath, functionality meets design

The design of kitchens and bathrooms is a special challenge for architects and craftsmen. Our customers value quality and sustainability. Simultaneously, a kitchen should meet the highest standards in functionality. A bathroom should be reminiscent of a wellness spa oasis. Don’t forget the design, which is also very important. Perhaps the kitchen should have a character of classic elegance; maybe it is futuristic; or perhaps it should reflect the appeal of natural wood. Here is where our specialists start working and present you with new, surprising, and exciting ideas. They will be happy to show you a selection of references so that you can get an impression of the capabilities of our experts.

The same applies to bathroom design. A corner bath tub gives the room a luxurious feel; a vanity with double sinks becomes the central meeting place for the whole family every morning and evening; a shower provides sufficient room for a quick and refreshing start to the day. Warm colors on the walls and the floor give you a feeling of coziness. Decorative listellos on the walls break up the monotony of single-colored tile. But maybe you want something extra special such as a sauna or a steam room in the bath. There is no limit to the imagination in bathroom design. Our experts in interior design also specialize in implementing extraordinary desires. In this way, a simple bathroom turns into a place where the whole family enjoys getting ready for the day or night. Here you can relax in the bath tub and beautify yourself in front of the mirror. Our specialists are happy to show their ideas for kitchen and bath design, whether you are building a new home or renovating.

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