Construction: Quality from Germany is guaranteed

In the construction of your home, we rely on the many years of experience and competence of German specialists.
We observe compliance with Germany quality norms and requirements. This is how we ensure that you will continue to enjoy your property for years to come. We are bound to the regulatory norms valid in Germany, regardless of whether we build your dream house in Germany or in Spain.
You can count on our high level of quality that delivers what it promises under the seal “Made in Germany”. We have established a solid reputation for top quality for many years.

Every construction project is under German management

In making your dream home a reality, we rely exclusively on local businesses that have consistently met our high standards of quality for years. You won’t find unacceptable working conditions, hourly wages, or salaries with our local specialists. Many of our business relationships have been cultivated for years, and we have successfully completed numerous projects with a majority of local craftsmen. All work is coordinated seamlessly to ensure timely implementation. All employees have been working together for years and have a great deal of trust and confidence in one another. They have an extensive network of local contacts. This extensive network also guarantees that even more complex problems can be solved in a timely manner during all phases of construction. We bring in local experts who can provide custom solutions to unexpected or extraordinary challenges. To ensure optimal implementation abroad, our construction projects in Spain are under German management. Our construction managers have many years of experience in their function and have successfully completed numerous complex projects. Through their many years of experience, they are familiar with local customs. They are well-connected to local resources and stay in regular contact with subcontractors and local authorities. In this way, tailored solutions are guaranteed, even if the situation is complex. Please feel free to ask for references from our local experts and start imagining how years of experience coupled with great creativity can make your dream home a reality! Coupled with German precision, the dream home you have always wanted takes shape step by step.

German quality norms as benchmark

To keep the promise of the high quality associated with “Made in Germany”, our construction managers and all of their employees work strictly in accordance with German quality standards. All services and deliverables thereby remain on a consistently high level. This ensures that a property in Germany is built with the same quality as a project in Spain. Whether we are talking about building materials used or building services by subcontractors, work performed by craftsmen or external service providers, we ensure the highest standards of quality for all deliverables and services associated with your construction. We always watch for the compatibility of all services. Compliance with our self-imposed standards of quality is a matter close to our hearts. This is also one the reasons why so many customers are delighted with our homes for years.
We will be happy to share which quality norms our experienced construction managers follow and with which standards we comply. This gives our customers the confidence that their home will be built according to the same norms no matter where their home is built or purchased. Feel free to build your dream home in one of the most popular countries of southern Europe without having to compromise on quality. This is guaranteed by our German construction managers through compliance with quality standards according to German construction law.
All our construction managers have completed a high level of education and training accredited in Germany. This personal qualification is supplementary to the standards set forth by German construction law, resulting in consistent quality management. Our quality management covers all phases of construction, from planning and approval through implementation and move-in, so that consistency in quality is guaranteed. This approach creates a high-value property that you will enjoy for years.

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