You can expect these services from us

To realize your dream property, we offer everything in one place.

Planning: The foundation of your personal property

Long before breaking ground is celebrated, our architects bring your dreams to life on paper.

Working in close collaboration with you, we develop the first drafts of buildings and floor plans, move walls, and give you options for exterior design. Already in this phase, we concentrate entirely on your personal vision. But our focus is not only on the big picture. Every draft is as intricately designed as possible, because, in the end, the special character of the final product lies in the details.

You can rely on the many years of experience of our planners and architects.

Construction: Quality from germany is guranteed

In the construction of your home, we rely on the many years of experience and competence of German specialists.

We observe compliance with Germany quality norms and requirements. This is how we ensure that you will continue to enjoy your property for years to come. We are bound to the regulatory norms valid in Germany, regardless of whether we build your dream house in Germany or in Spain.

You can count on our high level of quality that delivers what it promises under the seal “Made in Germany”. We have established a solid reputation for top quality for many years.

Renovation: From old to new

You have been living in your home for many years and are completely comfortable. The environment is just right, and the infrastructure leaves nothing to be desired. You are well known locally, and your family and friends live nearby.

There is really no reason to leave these familiar surroundings. However, your property is now a little dated.

When it is time to renovate or modernize your single family home, we are the partner who will stand by your side.

Small Projects: Preferably on Mallorca

Mallorca is and remains one of the most popular vacation destinations for Germans. Every year, numerous travelers spend the best weeks of their year on the Balearic island.

But it does not always have to be a stay in a fancy hotel. Your own four walls are, at a minimum, equally relaxing and comfortable. For many years, we have specialized in the implementation of small building projects in Spain. Mallorca takes center stage as the easygoing Spanish lifestyle and the warmth of the southern sun seem to be in perfect unison here.

Our experienced architects make their contribution so that our customers can be comfortable year round.

Interior architecture: The heart of any property

In general, daily life takes place in the interior of a property. Interior design is therefore of significant importance.

Our architects design floor plans and interior spaces so that our customers can quickly get an impression of what their future dream home will look like. Only with wall and floor coverings, kitchen and bath furnishings, and decorative accessories does a home come to life.

It is the responsibility of our interior designers to make the dreams of our customers a reality in every single room.

Large Projects: Residential complexes can be luxurious too

When thinking about a hotel or condo building in sunny southern Europe, one of the large vacation destinations that is visited by uncountable travelers from around the world may come to mind.

Designed and built decades ago, these often focused primarily on functionality. Large hotel complexes had to be built on small lots to create supply for the high demand. Today, these complexes will give you a completely new impression.

Our construction experts keep up with current trends and implement large-scale projects such as hotels or condo complexes that reelect the style of our age.

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