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InterWalls: Your specialist for the purchase and sale of real estate in Germany and Spain

Despite the many differences between the German and Spanish real estate markets, there is one important commonality: they are both growth markets.

InterWalls AG is your partner for the purchase, sale, and new construction of property in both countries. We are committed to making high-quality residences a reality.

With our almost 10 years of expertise, we are a capable partner who stands by your side when you are ready to purchase real estate in Germany or Spain.

German quality standards are guaranteed

In Germany, compliance with national quality norms and standards is a matter of course. Abroad, this may not be the case.

As one of the few providers of residential property on Mallorca, we stand for construction quality “Made in Germany” from breaking ground to the final coat of paint. 100 percent German building quality – our customers can expect nothing less from our architects and construction managers.

Our projects on Mallorca are managed and supervised by experts from Germany. The vast majority of construction materials are also from Germany and imported to Spain. This is how we guarantee the highest level of quality according to German standards and norms, which you will find nowhere else in Spain.

One of our specialties is building quality properties on Mallorca. Arguably, no other Spanish Island is more popular in Germany. Every year, it draws countless visitors who wish to spend their best weeks of the year on one of the beautiful beaches. If the Balearic island stole your heart, perhaps you are interested in acquiring your own home there.

We are the partner for private buyers and investors who wish to purchase their own property on Mallorca. Of course, whether you are looking for a property for owner occupancy or capital investment is up to you. In either case, we support your dream of home ownership in the sunny South with the power of our collective experience that distinguishes our experts.

High-value property purchased directly from the builder

Our team specializes in planning and implementing every project from beginning to end. Our architects, construction engineers, and project managers have completed their studies and training in Germany, and are thus certified according to high quality standards.

They now use their many years of expertise, gained in large part in Germany, for the construction of houses and condos in Spain. Of course, they take special local customs and the unique requirements of the Mediterranean climate into consideration.

Allow us to surprise you with how our experts implement your dream of home ownership on Mallorca.

Our customers incorporate their preferences and wishes as early as the beginning phases of planning. We work with your requirements concerning the interior layout and design of your villa.

With us, you will not experience any language barriers. In addition to German and English, our employees also speak Spanish and even Russian, so that our customers can communicate in their native language. Other factors that distinguish us are presented on the following pages.

Sie möchten sich von der Qualität unserer Objekte überzeugen?

Sprechen Sie uns einfach an und vereinbaren Sie einen Termin für eine Besichtigung von bereits realisierten Projekten. Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen in aller Ruhe unsere Referenzen, damit Sie sich einen ersten Eindruck verschaffen können, wie Ihr Traumhaus aussehen kann.

Who we are

All of our architects’ knowledge is brought to bear to make the residential dreams of our customers a reality.

Our construction engineers and project managers are also experts in their respective fields and are dedicated to implementing the plans of our architects. Step by step, this is how a property that leaves nothing to be desired is created. Our experts have completed their studies in Germany and are thus educated according to current quality standards.

Day by day, this is how we lay the foundation to ensure that the dream of a completely customized property becomes a reality.

Many years of experience in construction projects

InterWalls AG has been active in the real estate market since 2009.

We specialize in the implementation of new construction as well as the renovation of existing properties. Our two areas of focus are Germany and Spain. One of our highlights is our sales office in Mallorca.

Year after year, it is here where we provide clients with their customized home on the beautiful Balearic island, whether they are looking for property for owner occupancy or rental income.

100 Percent Quality "Made in Germany"

We insist on the highest quality in the planning and execution of our construction projects.

Every project is supervised by German experts from beginning to end. This is how we ensure compliance with Germany quality standards rooted in German construction law. At the same time, we reduce frictional losses due to language barriers. What this means for our customers is that they can always rely on the high quality to which they are accustomed in Germany in the construction of single and multi family homes or large-scale projects.

German quality for a home in the southern sun: this is what we mean by 100 percent quality “Made in Germany”.

German construction materials for the highest level of comfort

Detailed planning and careful execution are a matter of course in construction according to German quality norms.

But only through the use of the highest quality construction materials can a high level of building quality be warranted. Defects in materials are thus already greatly reduced in the construction phase, significantly lowering the risk for later disputes concerning the warranties by craftsmen. This is why we insist on construction materials from Germany for all of our construction projects. The material is imported to Spain as needed.

We spare no cost or effort in satisfying our customers, thereby raising the benchmark yet again for our self-imposed standards in quality.

Our references for your peace of mind

The construction of a home is a matter of trust. When selecting a partner for the construction of your home, you want to be sure to choose a renowned expert with many years of experience.

To gain a solid perspective, it would be best to see completed projects yourself and speak with satisfied customers.

Feel free to schedule an appointment and look forward to being impressed by the quality of our construction projects! Our experts are always available for an initial meeting.

You can talk to us in your native language

Purchasing real estate involves the clarification of countless complex questions. This is handled most efficiently when both contractual partners speak the same language.

This is not always a matter of course abroad. Language barriers are more likely the norm than the exception when purchasing real estate abroad. Completion of commercial and legal processes is more difficult.

Our employees speak German, English, Spanish, and even Russian to ensure that our customers have seamless communication in their preferred language.

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